Battle of Light vrs Dark or Good vrs Evil.(Duality)

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Battle of Light vrs Dark or Good vrs Evil.(Duality)

Postby Alan McDougall on May 14th, 2017, 4:30 am 

Guys this is from my rather colorful imagination

Battle of Good against Evil


I am the strange mysterious enigma rapped in a paradox encompassed in a new paradigm moving toward an understanding of what puzzles all.

The greatest light is my ultimate aim and time is my enemy. However, if I do not hurry to fight darkness, it will come suddenly no matter what, and stalk the land with fear and hate. I put on the armor of the absolute and prepare to battle the brute.

We exist forever in the vast fields of nothingness and battle each other in eternal the war to control this continuum within the totality of our existence.

I must make haste before the black clouds of its dreadful terror destroys all that is good and full of life and light.

Its aim is to draw out all the life and energy from the universe and to leave it cold dark, barren and remote from the great God of light forever.

If I/we lose, this universe will blacken and all the stars and galaxies dim, blink out and the universe vanish into the Evil mind of the terrible one.

Therefore, before the end of time and the coming of the last day, I must bring down the Terrible One and thrust it from me forever into the dark bottomless pit.

Be careful of its seductive discordant song. It is composite wickedness made up of malevolent depravity and is an offense to all that is good. It will continue its unrelentingly promotion of universal iniquity, vice, immorality and abuse of the innocent.

It is composite evil malignant darkness and the alternate to life. In it is eternal punishment and the second death. Do not listen to its whisper in your mind. This abuser of all that is good and is the corrupter of eternity and its hordes of lying monsters make up its army of death.

It is the abomination of desolation and howls after the souls of the lost from within the pit of hell.

Unlike it, I am Goodness, beauty and everlasting peace are the fruits of my being. I dance the dance of life with delight. I sing the song of creation and life and I paint the picture of bright blinding living light.

I am life, it is entropy

I illuminate all the darkness through which I travel, searching and searching out the monster ever before me.

Supreme sublime goodness are some of my attributes. I am the Author of all existence, within me are the primordial colossal lights that is my field of vision. I reach out into the infinite darkness as I survey and observe the fields of desolate horror it left behind.

However, I will never retract from my purpose and I will resolutely isolate the evil monster and be victorious over it before the last day at the end of time.

Hate leads to destruction, its friend is time, and its ultimate end is desolation within the eternal darkness.

However, before all this wonder can come, I the loving Infinite Eternal One and you my children must battle on together battle the war of the cosmic minds and banish the depraved dark Evil Brute into eternal darkness.

It sends out creatures of the night to kill, lie, destroy, deceive and lead all living things into its abysmal black repulsive horrible mind into the cavern of eternal hopelessness, desolation and despair.

I must hurry or the everlasting discordance darkness will blot out the life from this universe.

If you heed Me joy, peace, glory, bliss, rapture, honor, pleasure, delight, elation, euphoria, happiness, purpose, will follow, and you will commune with my infinite eternal mind which will be your everlasting reward.

Remember no matter what you claim to be or do it is the one you serve is your true master. If you claim to be good, honest and righteous but do the opposite, know that the Evil one of hate is your master indeed.

On Earth and out there in the wonder of the universe this battle of light and darkness, love and hate, good and evil has been raging since the beginning of time and is drawing ever closer to a good or terrible eternal outcome.

That is why I have kept the ultimate mystery of the physical universe a secret from humanity, up until now.

Love conquers all and love is the enemy of time leading all to merge with the infinite One.

I was the alpha point, now I am the word of life, the arm of the absolute and controller of the omega-point.

There is no other like me I am This which is That which is all.

I am Light

I am Life

I am Truth

I am who I say I am

I am the Almighty One
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Re: Battle of Light vrs Dark or Good vrs Evil.(Duality)

Postby Fuqin on May 15th, 2017, 5:02 am 

Dulism at best, but the black and white world view is not apparent , there are no opposite human essences , meaning is a human only construct like love it contains both principles of creativity and distruction good and bad grow on the same tree
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Re: Battle of Light vrs Dark or Good vrs Evil.(Duality)

Postby -1- on July 21st, 2018, 6:40 am 

"There is no other like me I am This which is That which is all."

Does this claim have a meaningful meaning? I mean, to me it's meaningless.

The entire post was fiction. Not speculative fiction, but pure fiction. It had nothing to do with anything else but itself.
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