ode to BioWizard

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ode to BioWizard

Postby hyksos on December 6th, 2019, 7:11 pm 

BioWizard is a post-graduate researcher in biomedical sciences.

He hasn't posted to the forum since April of this year (2019). We have evidence showing that BioWizard programmed a large portion of this forum around the year 2009 :: a wopping 10 years ago. I do appreciate that I was able to interact with him in whatever small manner. I wanted to point out a particular post that BioWizard made in July of 2017. Clicking the top left line of the post will link to it.

BioWizard » July 7th, 2017, 7:21 pm wrote:From my part, it's nothing personal (and the rest of my post is not directed at you hyksos). I'm just no longer going to waste time arguing evolution with anyone who doesn't want to learn the basic principles of molecular biology as they stand today. Without that, it's like talking aviation with someone who refuses to learn anything beyond what the Wright brothers published. If you've been working on jet engines for the past ten years, you can imagine how futile (not to mention boring) that can be.

Yes, the Wright brothers made a breakthrough in their time, but nothing they created comes even remotely close to what we know and can do today. Yes Darwin made a breakthrough in his time, but he had no access to our modern understanding of biology. Of course he got some things wrong, and science has acknowledged that. As a matter of fact, I never cease to be amazed that Darwin got anything right without any knowledge of genetics (let alone population genetics).

This is the part I will always remember:

I'm just no longer going to waste time arguing evolution with anyone who doesn't want to learn the basic principles of molecular biology as they stand today.

Today I understand why he said this more than any other previous time in my life. Every word of this sentence really means something. I wanted to parse it down to its subordinate phrases, in hopes to reveal how much was really said there.

  • Expressing exasperation at arguing with creationists, or arguing for the validity of evolutionary theory against naysayers, there are 500-or-more some odd items BioWizard could have mentioned.
  • He chose to mention molecular biology , specifically and solely by itself. He could have mentioned Darwin's book, cladistics, speciation, bacteria, fossils or whatever else. He did not. He chose molecular biology.
  • BioWizard appended a qualifier, "..as they stand today". Equally important nugget there. In my recent studies I have come realize how rudimentary biology was as a discipline in the year 1940. When you try to compare what was known about biology versus what is found in any basic undergraduate textbook in 2019, the difference is vast and breathtaking. The discipline called "molecular biochemistry" did not really even exist until 1947. Since then the molecular basis of biological functions has been catalogued and documented by science in such a thorough manner -- that I cannot even compare the explosion to any previous time in the history of science.
  • I see clearly why "..as they stand today" was added into this sentence. Creationists and deniers of evolution want to roll the clock back on science, to take us to the 1930s and argue from a position of alleged strength. That is to pretend like the explosion of understanding about biology didn't happen, and that lifeforms are still mysterious black boxes, which are kinda-sorta understood by science.

I would be overjoyed to talk to him again. I have so much to say about bacterial life now -- so much to share about the history of biology, and a newfound respect for Mendel. I am confident that BioWizard has moved on to greener pastures. Through hook or crook, I wonder if I could join him there.
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Re: ode to BioWizard

Postby TheVat on December 7th, 2019, 2:28 pm 

He started a biotech company, got super busy, and sold SPCF to a company whose entire interest was "monetizing" it and which never looks at the site or fixes glitches. (a situation Bio certainly didn't intend to happen)

Bio's comment on evolutionary biology is a fine one, and others have made similar points. He certainly speaks to why I don't bother with creationists and other ET skeptics who haven't learned the basic principles.
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