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Deforestation by Anonymous on April 22nd, 2014, 11:04 am
What are the effects of deforestation on biodiversity?

Deforestation affects many climates around the world. This is a major issue because there is a diverse assortment of wildlife in the forests around the world. Deforestation places a major threat on animals becoming extinct due to the animals not having proper requirements for survival. This causes another issue because every species plays an important role in the food chain.

Deforestation’s effect on global warming
Deforestation accounts for up to 15% of carbon emissions in the world. Deforestation is a constant issue and is continuing to grow. When trees are cut down, they are releasing a lot of their carbon into the atmosphere. In the atmosphere, the carbon interacts with the greenhouse gases, which leads to global warming. Once again, this is just another reason as to why deforestation is ruining animals, humans, and the environment.
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Don't tell me, I can do it myself by rko619 on September 14th, 2009, 4:11 pm
people are constantly telling us information (eg. teachers/doctors/scientist) if this happens it takes away our natural ability to "think for our selves" for example,

At school we have to follow what's called PLTS, which include Effective particpator, Independent Thinker ect. at the end of a lesson we have to say which of these we have been during the lesson (there are 5 PLTS) . This is generally done in groups, if you said I have effectively participated in team worker, you are therefore becoming an independent thinker, then u put your hand up and say this becoming a self manager. See where I'm going? to do this we use them all, ruling out there need to say them to the teacher. Also sometimes the teacher will tell us which one we have been, but this takes away the need for Natural intuition and the use of an "independent thinker" skill. In time this will cause lack of creative mind thus slowing natural selection to a close and stopping all human evolution. lol, Schools...

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one 888 numbers and the phones that dial them by Anonymous on July 22nd, 2014, 8:56 pm
sometimes the most real dreams are the ones you know you had but for some reason cannot remember... like being shot... but not killed... and then waking up somehow and somewhere ages bygone... and they cannot pin you with that thing... and what if the devil were to blind himself like rage or justice... or simply had found a thing... to argue for him...
surely our perception of direction is the only think stabilizing our presence in life arenas... like game theory isn't enough of a prompt to light a powder keg in your cranium... i mean must the highly tensile reactionary be violent... or for that matter what about vague and distorted record of blogisphere... all of the forgotten titles... the names that were for concepts that were not meant to be...
wide bridged chords... avante garde and coining phrase, mistaking ph for f... all kinds of things that slow you down... strengthen you endurance... you can teach a monkey to write shakespeare... blah blah blah blah blah... what does shakespeare...

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Letter 6 by Anonymous on January 19th, 2012, 9:54 am
In the last letter we dove into the question “What is Matter made of?” under the assumption that there is a God or Gods that exist who created all things. In that letter I stated that if God does exist, then trying to understand our world and universe on any other terms than his is illogical. In this letter I would like to go further into what I mean by picking up where we left off in the last letter, with the analogy of the Matrix.

If God is indeed giving us the chance to experience life in a ‘Matrix’ kind of way, where each of us (our intelligence/our consciousness/our spirit " whatever you want to call it) gets a turn to be plugged into the program; which program is comprised of his own virtual creation of a world and universe wherein we then have the opportunity to live and interact with one another and use our own intelligence and free will... well then in theory, wouldn’t that be just like the world and universe that we now live in?

Now, under these assumptions, I would a...

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Who am I? by JohnD on August 1st, 2012, 11:04 pm
I am considered to be a part of my parents but I've moved on from there.
My mentors assume they have shaped who I am however I've formed my own opinions.
The books I have read have enlightened me no end but I'm a self-made man.
The world has moved on since I was young, so many things have happened that have rearranged the way I look at everything. Some of the information I took on from my days of learning no longer appears relevant.
In my younger days I was quick to judge and couldn't stand fools for very long. Now I look for friendship wherever I go.
Yet I have a clearer view of the world and the way things ought to be. I can now afford to look at events and give advise according to my experience. And young people no longer look at me as the fool at the pulpit rather a man of wisdom. No doubt it may be a fools wisdom fuelled by a biased point of view.
Without thinking or desiring I have become an elder in my congregation!
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