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#s on the curb by Anonymous on April 4th, 2014, 9:32 pm
the other day i came across a little baby bunny rabbit... must have been hit by a passing car... but this is right out in front of my house, so... what to do... it was still alive and when i nudged it with the toe of my right foot it kinda struggled real hard to get up... as if it had a broken back or something... needless to say i made the difficult call to let nature take its course...
then today as i was leaving to run an errand... what did i see at the base of the rose bush in my front yard?... yup... bugs bunny... lucky little fellow... if you could call this shivering little critter lucky... he was still kickin... no buzzard... no stray cat... or worse had befallen it... and again i am of a mind to see if it survives the night... as if i have any inclination to care for an infant wild animal...
i mean if i knew a guy named lenny or if i could doolittle with it... ask it if it would like me to ship it back to albequerque so it can take that dog-on left turn... anywho... nature is what...

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Non-Cognitivism and Rule Following - John McDowell. by Anonymous on May 2nd, 2011, 10:18 am
From Mind, Value, and Reality. Cambridge, MA: Harvard UP, 1998, pp.198-218.

John McDowell brings to the non-cognitivist's attention a facet of her doctrine that she may not have developed. It is integral to her position that the world, as it exists independently of our value experiences, contains no such things as values. It follows, supposes McDowell, that her account of the world need not involve any evaluative concepts, only the properties to which our evaluative responses are responses to. Evaluative experiences must therefore be "disentangled": experience of whatsoever it is that we respond to must be seperated from the attitudes of this response itself. In much the same vein as Values and Secondary Qualities, McDowell expresses characteristic scepticism of this thesis. The non-cognitivist is said to avow that one can always in principle isolate a feature of the world to which the attitudinal component of a non-congitive...

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Fundamental Theory Of Existence. by Anonymous on April 5th, 2014, 10:57 pm

Fundamental Theory Of Existence.

I developed “FTOE “after reading
Prof. Stephen Hawking's book

FTOE is Fundamental Theory Of Existence.

Fundamental Theory Of Existence.

1. Zero cannot exist as denominator.

2. Anything cannot be created out of nothingness, only change of form is possible and change is everywhere.

3. Anything cannot be destroyed into nothingness, only change of form is possible and change is everywhere.

4. Existence of anything cannot be infinite.

5. There is no beginning and an end to the existence of the World.

6. There are finite absolute laws.

7. Velocity of light is relative.

8. There are three dimensions and three dimensions only.

9.Time Travel is impossible.

10.Tan 90 cannot exist.

11. God(s) cannot exist.

Fundamental Theory Of Existence.

What is infinite?

Infinite = Not finite.

If a...

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roasting hot-dogs over a tire fire... by Anonymous on August 29th, 2014, 1:59 am
there are reasons we sleep and there are lunacies that do more than glow in the dark... half of the time its about this mad mad mad mad world and the treasures burried out in the desert by the same shovels that smacked jimmy hoffa around before he ended up where ever him and the other Atlantian's ended up when the sea opened up and swallowed all that poison that we are supposed to clap to antidote...
it seems to me that smart stuff doesn't add up to much but more of the same radical 'ego centric' universal cosmic fractal score rationale that points at the scoreboard when it comes to trash and all the talk of the end of the world that always just skins our teeth... then again... maybe all those who leak off of edges into their own little corners of the world only ever must remember to wash their hands before going back to work...
i mean if the horror of the construct is so much that monstrosity of a kinetic sculpture that really shouldn't work at all... and if all of the self centered...

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Our Existence, A Vivid Dream Masquerading As Physical Reality? by Anonymous on December 23rd, 2016, 9:18 pm
Up until now, the Inflation Theory has been the most acceptable explanation for the existence of our universe. However, recently there appears to be some meaningful negative comments associated with this theory. Physicist Paul Steinhardt, one of the three main investigators of the theory claims that the Fine Tune Environment has come at such a high price, that it now lies beyond the natural simplicity that nature employs within its building blocks.
Physicists Lawrence Krauss, and Adam Riess join Neil Turok in rejecting inflation theory, and in its place, look for answers which comply with the nature’s simplicity. It seemed a bit extreme to select our universe, from a supposed infinity of multiverses, to be the one and only candidate that meets this Fine Tuned requirement. Also, the notion that the inflation period lasted approximately 10-33 seconds, expanding at a rate millions of times faster than the speed of light, lies beyond what many consider as rational. To claim that this h...

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