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The Ontology of Spacetime: Back From the Non-Euclidean Leap by Anonymous on January 17th, 2011, 7:22 pm
An Ontology of Space, Time, and “Spacetime” : Back From the Non-Euclidean Leap

I have been an avid student of the ontology of “spacetime” since I was first introduced to the concept of non-Euclidean space and the Einstein/Minkowski invention of “curved spacetime” as an integral concept in relativity theory.

Since I was very young I have “seen” space as the infinite emptiness in which all things (objects, light, and forces) exist and move; and I have always thought of time as an artifact of measurement, i.e., the “duration” of specifically selected events between “clicks” of the stopwatch by whomever is ‘clocking” the chosen event. So I have been mystified by the concept “spacetime” as a malleable fabric, a coalescence of space and time as entities existing in and of themselves in “the real world.” (See Minkowki’s Glorious Non-entity, Spacetime, by Brown and Pooley for openers.)

When I say that I see space as infinite emptiness, this is not to deny finite volumes. Of course we can...

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poppin' fingers for poetry... by Anonymous on July 13th, 2014, 12:30 pm
even if all the crackpots are right the only thing that matters then is re-establishing a base line of understanding... i mean even if we are the ripples of an infinite body of water... blessed with adoraxia*... the process of progressing from complex coordinate to is like what dish soap does to the surface tension we exist in stasis with... not that we are all ted williams... but more like that mosquito from jurassic park...
i knew a guy once who figured it out... but couldn't proove it other than to throw a tennis ball at a wall twice... then write me off like a box that fell off a truck somewhere along the route from the source to the satellite... i mean isn't that the idea though... isht happens... and things appear to disappear into annonymous black hole gateways through the wormhole of imagination...
peter picked a peck of pickled peppers... that three times fast... and you are in a grocery store looking at a bottle or jar of peter's pickled peppers... and it seems a futility to...

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Teen-Kind by rko619 on December 12th, 2009, 8:57 am
Teenager's, they're annoying aren't they. I should know, I am one.
They drive me to distraction, and I don't doubt the drive you to distraction too.
All we hear is, Graffiti - Drunk - Knife Crime - Gun Crime - Suicide - Teen Pregnancy.

But, we are not all the same, Their is a small minority (Kind of like England compared to America) who don't act like complete retard's. Please, next time you see someone with a hoody, don't assume they're about to knife you, I wear hoody's daily, I own a Swiss army knife and i can guarantee it has never left the house since me and my granddad went camping last year.

We're not all the same, Don't be too Quick to Judge/
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Multiverse? by Anonymous on January 27th, 2011, 5:48 am
Imagine; All the possibilities in this multiverse. All the different realities with different forces than gravity. Imagine; The multiverse, our universe just a speck of light on an open plane. Imagine. The universal expansion, the multiverses collapse.
Imagine everything we see, everything inside of this spherical space. Imagine everything condensed into one matter, pressure and building, energy unable to release. It explodes, the big bang is back. This endless cycle, this undeniable loop. Whether it be our universe in singularity or the theories i’ve stated. This space, this time the matter and rules that regulate our world are all expanding through a grid, and eventually they will do the opposite.
It would be interesting to understand this loop, what’s it mean? And what is controlling it.
I have felt as if the sands of time are nothing more than a cycling hour glass, unable to completely empty. Impossible to break free.
What is life? Are we stuck here for nothing? I want to understand, I w...

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A reminder by Anonymous on August 16th, 2011, 12:39 am
I spent many decades of trying to understand how and why I AM. Then suddenly one day, about six months ago, I allowed myself to drop all of my accumulated “knowledge”, and to trust only my own experience. Almost instantly it became obvious that everything is only a reflection of what I TRULY am. It became completely obvious that I am the only one here............. and I am you.

It was clearly seen that I had become entranced with a single reflection of myself, and in so doing I had forgotten what I AM.

I stand at the centre of an infinite ring of living mirrors, and in each mirror I see a different reflection of myself. I see worlds and universes, and I see creatures of every sex, race and religion.

In every living mirror I so much identify with my reflection that I come to believe I actually am that reflection. Now, since the name and form of my reflection here has fallen away, I stare back from this reflection seeing the incredible wonder of what I am reflecting, seeing the unb...

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