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rhapsody in the midst by Anonymous on March 29th, 2014, 2:36 am
dinner tonight was nachoes... i knew a slam poet named nacho once... better than fast food-substitute... i hate that that stuff is so good... big sloppy sneeze... not once but twice... swear to god i found a haunted wendy's once... drove through at like four in the morning... and the speaker asked what can i get you, i tried to order... then drove off when i realized how god foresaken the mentally ill are...
you hear about people, famous people... and they act like absolute phonies... as if there was some bloody return for the plastination or for the animation junkie, dip... if i dip you dip we dip... lol... some odd day in the not too distant future... the news will be revealed and admonished for not balancing the good and the bad...
a stadium of empty... center court... some luck strikes as misfortune years before the unthinkable can glint of concept itself, in the eye of some beholden set of eyes too wet and pregnant with apples for the second coming of some absentee ballot which takes...

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Our Existence, A Vivid Dream Masquerading As Physical Reality? by Anonymous on December 23rd, 2016, 9:18 pm
Up until now, the Inflation Theory has been the most acceptable explanation for the existence of our universe. However, recently there appears to be some meaningful negative comments associated with this theory. Physicist Paul Steinhardt, one of the three main investigators of the theory claims that the Fine Tune Environment has come at such a high price, that it now lies beyond the natural simplicity that nature employs within its building blocks.
Physicists Lawrence Krauss, and Adam Riess join Neil Turok in rejecting inflation theory, and in its place, look for answers which comply with the nature’s simplicity. It seemed a bit extreme to select our universe, from a supposed infinity of multiverses, to be the one and only candidate that meets this Fine Tuned requirement. Also, the notion that the inflation period lasted approximately 10-33 seconds, expanding at a rate millions of times faster than the speed of light, lies beyond what many consider as rational. To claim that this h...

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Quaternions, Angular Velocity, And Euler's Equation by Anonymous on March 31st, 2011, 8:36 pm
Lately I've been studying quaternions for some software I'm writing to do space-craft attitude simulation. This involves brushing up on my basic mechanics, as well as my algebra - because the standard in aerospace is to represent rotations in terms of quaternions which do not have coordinate singularities.

Now one thing I need to do in my simulations is to approximate the instantaneous angular velocity tensor , which is obtained from the momentum vector and the moment of inertia tensor , which I am to be provided by my engineering friends. Specifically, the equation relating these is:

Not really all that relevant, just background :D


Moreover, we may observe that the rotation obeys the following:

(1) ...

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ergot poisoning and witchcraft substitution method irony by Anonymous on April 23rd, 2014, 3:20 pm
“Anyway,+ I+ keep +picturing +all +these +little+ kids+ playing+ some+ game+ in+ this+ big +field+ of+ rye+ and+ all.+ Thousands +of+ little +kids,+ and+ nobody's+ around + nobody+ big,+ I +mean + except+ me.+ And+ I'm +standing+ on +the +edge +of +some+ crazy+ cliff.+ What+ I +have+ to+ do,+ I+ have+ to+ catch+ everybody+ if +they+ start+ to+ go+ over+ the+ cliff + I +mean+ if+ they're+ running+ and+ they+ don't+ look+ where+ they're +going+ I+ have+ to+ come +out+ from+ somewhere+ and+ catch +them.+ That's+ all+ I+ do+ all+ day.+ I'd +just+ be +the+ catcher+ in +the+ rye+ and+ all.+ I +know +it's+ crazy,+ but+ that's+ the+ only+ thing+ I'd+ really+ like+ to+ be...

*j.d. salinger
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COSMIC VISION by Anonymous on April 4th, 2011, 7:26 pm
Cosmic Vision
I believe, we all have our own Vision of the Cosmos, the beautiful and fantastic universe in which we exist. I have written a short work on my idea of the Physical Universe. If you are interested, please go to:
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