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Welcome to the User Blog Mod! by BioWizard on May 2nd, 2009, 6:32 pm
Welcome to the User Blog Mod!
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my tutorials by Anonymous on January 28th, 2014, 9:43 am
Hi everybody
Let me show some of the tutorials for the programming languages like C/C++, JAVA , php and html for all of the beginners who are seeking interest in the programming. Beginners will get all the basic things by visiting DUSCUT.If you want to know about function. What is function?
A function is stated as the collection of statements which will be executed whenever it is called.
Types of the function ….
Read more……
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duality, identity, and complexity... by Anonymous on June 24th, 2014, 1:42 am
duality as the division of two parts... any rational division... any fraction... any ratio... most notably 0/1... hell we have institutionalized binary information structures into our everyday routine just below the surface of all of our modern conveniences and appliances... if they don't account for yes or no, on or off, black or white than it isn't worth mentioning...
identity, namely of a set of three coordinate components... the idea is simple enough... identity amounts to three parts... the old saying me, myself, and i... is kinda the point... there i am there you are and there it is... and believe me when i say i know its vague and questionable... i mean this is my third attempt at tonights post... mostly because of human error... but whats a guy to do...
complexity... the i set... both nothing without duality to alternate between 1 -1 i and -i and nothing without its identity to coordinate its relationship to reality by... its all a numerology gimick... like a card trick where the...

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The quantum mechanics is wrong (1) by Anonymous on June 2nd, 2009, 2:57 am
The quantum mechanics is wrong (the light is particle, but not wave-particle duality)
zheng sheng ming
In order to show the interference fringe of light is a result of the gravitation, which the moving photons produced. I did experiment 9. (See figure 9) Three light beams A,O, and C, are created.

Figure.9. Picture a is the state of force in the three light beams A, O, and C; picture b shows the section of movement of light beams A, O, and C; picture c is the photograph of light beams A, and C when they are first on the screen; picture d is the photograph when the outer part of light beam A is removed. In picture d, the white line is the original site of light beam A when outside light beam has not been removed; the green line is the site of light beam A when its outside fringe has been removed, and the red arrow is the direction of the light beam A accepting this force; The purple line in picture b is the moving track of light...

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windego shrill landscape by Anonymous on May 12th, 2014, 2:38 am
back in the late 80's or early 90's there was a commercial for the internet where some girl was standing in the middle of a desert wispering in hushed tones about 'it' and how 'it' was 'coming soon' or some tripe about the future of consumerism and commercialism and materialism and computers and the margins of society expanding... at least thats what it sounded like
they will clear cut hundreds of acres over night pulp the wood into mulch... for flower beds... all hail empirical progress... they will bring the mountains to the valley for mere pebbles... slurry the sea floor...process then process then process then process them again until they are fishsticks... sell them in freezer section aisles right next to the fudgesicles and hungry man dinners...
scoff... who indeed... doth cast the first stone... throwing the stupid rock to the horizon then picking it up and going on to throw it again... then chase it down and pick it up and throw it again... and do it all over again... we are aimless...

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