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Hi all,

Below I have gathered links on what I consider the most interesting posts I've contributed that go a long way in describing my personal position on several subjects related to this Reality that we exist within.

The Mathematical Universe:
These posts provide a description of the Cellular Automation Model I adopted describing the Quantum Mathematical Nature of our Reality and a clearer definition regarding the true nature of Time.
The Cellular Automaton:

A model of Space-Time Reality:
This post is a brief summary description of the Cellular Automation Model I adopted describing the Nature of our Reality and Space-Time.

Preonic Field Conjecture:
This one looks at the possibility that there exists No Empty Space and that Space is a Preonic Field Matrix in which the Geometry of Node Connectedness defines our Reality.

The Reality of Time:
This one covers the concept of Time and that we exist within the Solution of an Equation.

Instantaneous Time Intervals:
This one explores the possibility that Time is Instantaneous and only has Sequence.

Lost in the Wash:
This one explores the possibility of Dynamic History and that the past may still be an active player affecting the Present and Future or a possible dual Temporal Axis.

Speed of Time:
This post examines the concept that there is no such thing as Speed through Time.

Temporal Thickness:
This post examines the concept that Time must have a minimum thickness.

Compatibilism Vs Determinism:
This one explains my view of Compatabilism from an Uber-Determinist point of View.

Dave's Support for the Block Model:
This post describes the Block Model where Time is a Physical Dimension in a 4D Universe.

Inertia: Dave's analogy (complexity of the great army):
This post describes the concept that Inertia is derived from Complexity of Sub-Atomic Motion.

Mockless alternates to vast moth-eaten musical brocade:
Just my personal concept of a possible God Mind within a Mathematical Universe.

The Fourth Corner of the Universe:
A short (fun?) story that examines the possibility of a finite 4D Universe.

Best wishes,
Dave :^)
Note: All edits due to additions as they are included over time.

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