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- January 2011
   January 16th, 2011, 11:13 am

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Lately attending Al Anon and regarding on sharing our personal inventory... "wrongs" nature of our wrongs...

Is this a figure of speech? I can't comprehend wrong anymore... It either works or it doesn't. I don't see it as wrong or "wrongs". It almost reminds me of the word (sin) and I don't comprehend this word either. After studying/reading on this word (sin) think Echart Tolle's book: The Buddha call it Dukkha and he said that he believed it was misinterpreted and greatly misunderstood over the years by religions (belief systems) people could identify with (right/WRONG) to enhance their false sense of self, ego.

Sin = Miss the mark or point of human existence - to live unskillfully, blindly and to suffer or cause suffering.

Dukkha = Self-inflicted suffering, unsatisfactoriness or just plain misery - human dysfunction.

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