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- April 2013
A bit of sadness creeping in
   April 30th, 2013, 1:08 am

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I am considered to be a part of my parents but I've moved on from there.
My mentors assume they have shaped who I am however I've formed my own opinions.
The books I have read have enlightened me no end but I'm a self-made man.
The world has moved on since I was young, so many things have happened that have rearranged the way I look at everything. Some of the information I took on from my days of learning no longer appears relevant.
In my younger days I was quick to judge and couldn't stand fools for very long. Now I look for friendship wherever I go.
Yet I have a clearer view of the world and the way things ought to be. I can now afford to look at events and give advise according to my experience. And young people no longer look at me as the fool at the pulpit rather a man of wisdom. No doubt it may be a fools wisdom fuelled by a biased point of view.
Without thinking or desiring I have become an elder in my congregation!

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