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Not long ago I bought a cheap and cheerful digital watch, a Ravel WR30M manufactured in China. While at work the other day, I accidentally scrambled all the settings while playing with the stop-watch function.

The instructions weren't to hand, but it seemed to be a trivial task to reset the watch. How hard could it be ? I quickly discovered that one of the four buttons was a cold-light switch which meant that all the display programming was done on a three switch logic. Some while later the time, date, stop-watch and hour chime functions were all correct, but the toggle to reset the watch from 12 hour to 24 Hour Military Time display mode was proving elusive. After another hour of pushing and holding buttons in different combinations I somehow did it, but had no idea how, as I'd gone completely maze blind by that point.

When I got home, I unearthed the manufacturer's instruction slip enclosed with the original packaging and went in search of enlightenment. The Chinese instruction slip proved to be a trove of thought provoking advice :

"2. Do not wear it in a broiling or freezing environment"

"3. Do not wear it in a puissant electric field, static or high cycle environment"

"4.Do not drop it onto hard ground, The watch can bear normal shake but not hard shock.."

"8. Do not stretch watchband too tightly around your wrist. The tightness is reasonable when your finger can insert in"

"12.. If there is water, smoke or drips inside the watchcase, ask approved specialist to disassembly and repair at once or the inner parts may damage caused by corrosion"

"13. Keep well the operation instructions and other attached files for necessary use in the future"

The system toggle to change from 12 to 24 Hour time display mode turned out to be this:

"12/24 Time System Display: In: In Normal Time Display Mode press "M" thrice to enter into 'Time Adjust State', press "R" button twice to enter into 'Hour Adjust State', then press "S" button until 12/24 Time System Display on screen, and then press "M" once to back to "Normal Time Display Mode".

Or in other words..

M - M - M - R - R - S - [S] - M.

Just don't try it in a 'broiling environment', or a 'puissant field' ;-)

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