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- January 2019
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There are many children’s who face different issues in paying attention in class. But you can’t imagine why this is happening. There are many reasons for that.
Low grades
A dislike of school
Disruptive behavior in class
These are some common sign of less concentration in classroom. But before finding the solution the first step is to identify the reason.
Here are some reasons:
1. Lack of practice:
Many children faces this issue after vacations. They can’t able to concentrate on studies after coming from long holidays, as they are not in practice. Some students faces this issue when they are new in school. That time they have hard time focusing in classroom.
2. Don’t understand the material:
When students are not able to understand the material then there interest and concentration start falling. This leads students to stop paying attention in studies.
3. Is not challenging enough:
Sometime whatever is being taught in class, students think that not tough for them. In that case they don’t pay much attention in class.
4. External distractions:
Sometime external distraction are more effective then teachers. We all know that classroom is a place which is full of distractions.
These distraction also affect our different tasks like assignment making and project making. But you don’t need to worry. You can take online assignment help service to solve the issue of assignment writing on time.
5. Lack of motivation:
Motivation may be the problem in concentration and this motivation issues leads to number of problem in classroom- including less interest in material.
6. Different learning style:
Different students have different learning style. Some students can learn by seeing, some by hearing and some by doing. If your class teacher’s style is not according to your learning style then this thing results in lack of focus and understanding.
7. Not getting proper sleep:
If your children is not getting 8-10 hours of sleep then he or she won’t be able to concentrate in class. As he or she doesn’t have enough energy to concentrate in class. On other hand skipping breakfast is also be the reason of lack of focus.
8. Disorganized:
If your child come to school disorganized then he or she will waste his time to find the material or tool needed to paying attention to what is being taught.
If your child have any of the above issue, then you should take a step according to the problem. You can solve their issue with the support of tutor or a proper learning plan. So that your child can improve his focus in classroom. Always remember these learning plans can be disturbed by other activities like assignment writing. But you can take assignment help from online services and spend your time as you want to spend.

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