Japan Town Builds Giant Squid With Covid Relief

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Japan Town Builds Giant Squid With Covid Relief

Postby toucana on May 4th, 2021, 2:36 pm 


A seaside town in Japan has raised eyebrows after it used funding from an emergency Covid-19 relief grant to build a giant statue of a squid.


The 13m-long (43ft) sea creature lies in the port of Noto, where flying squid is the town's delicacy.

It reportedly used 25m yen ($228,500; £164,700) of the emergency funding to build the statue. Noto officials have told local media it is part of a long term plan to lure tourists back after the pandemic.

Japan is battling another surge in coronavirus cases, and Tokyo is currently under a state of emergency - the third for the country since the pandemic began.

The fishing town of Noto (能登半島, Noto-hantō) - which is located in Ishikawa prefecture on Japan's central-west coast - has had a very low number of cases, but it has been impacted by the significant drop in tourists.

A spokesperson for the town told Fuji News Network that the statue would be a tourist attraction and part of a long term strategy to help promote Noto's famous flying squid.

The Japanese flying squid ( 烏賊 - ika ) is also known as the Japanese common squid or Pacific flying squid, and has the scientific name Todarodes pacificus.

Flying squid propel themselves out of the water to escape predators, and have been seen to cover distances of up to 30m.
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