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Postby Administration on May 3rd, 2009, 10:36 pm 

The Science Forum (SCF) and The Philosophy Forum (PCF) are discussion and debate forums, and our primary purpose is the discussion of science or philosophy and related matters. Our goal is to foster a friendly environment in which ideas can be freely exchanged and discussed, where questions can be asked and answered. If you are challenging established theories or schools of thought, expect to have your ideas challenged and be prepared to defend them. To this end, certain rules and guidelines have been established.

Posting in the Science Section (SCF)

SCF is first and foremost a science forum. Always be prepared to provide credible evidence for your claims; ideas don’t just "fly" around here. Expect to be challenged by professionals who might have spent their whole lives studying the subject matter, so if you think you can discredit an existing theory, think again, and consider the following:

a) Discussions dealing with philosophical considerations, including the philosophy of science, its validity as a discipline vs. other schools of thought, must all be directed to the philosophy subforums under the PCF section.

b) Hitchen's Razor, and Sagan's Standard, are useful tools in evaluating claims. Please familiarize yourself with them. Posts that fail these tests may be removed, if poster is not responsive to such tests.

c) The scientists in SCF consider the theory of evolution to be the best model for explaining the biological diversity and genetic homology witnessed in all living things, and accept descent from common ancestry as fact, until proven otherwise. That being said, all faith-based arguments challenging the theory of evolution should go into the "Religion" sub forum in the PCF section and NOT the Biology sub forum.

d) The consensus by the fifth (and now sixth) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), as well as other institutions made up of thousands of scientists all around the world is that humans are the main cause of current global warming and that all the warming over the past 70 years is most likely anthropogenic. As with all topics, members are welcome to explore alternatives but since these go against mainstream science they should be directed to the "Personal Theories" subforum while still providing credible and peer-reviewed evidence.

e) Posts requesting/offering technical information on the design of biological/explosive weapons are prohibited.

Posting in the Philosophy Section (PCF)

PCF takes "philosophy" in broad terms and covers all aspects of human experience. Philosophical discussions should proceed by reason and example. Users should be ready to support their claims.

We seek to provide a forum for you to explore your ideas. However, it is expected that you be willing to explain why you believe what you believe. Preaching, dogmatic assertions, circular arguments, rambling and other forms of unresponsive speech are not consistent with the ideal of ongoing discourse. Please keep in mind the following considerations:

a) When you assert a position on something, you must be prepared to demonstrate basic scholarship behind that position. It's okay if you aren't prepared to write a review article, but you should be prepared to provide up to date references beyond wikipedia or a blog. If you have a position on a subject in mainstream philosophy, you should be aware of some of the literature others have written.

b) Furthermore, scholarship should be up to date. While it may be interesting to consider what Galileo or Locke thought about a problem in either physics or theory of mind, these perspectives are now rightly understood to be historical. If one is discussing some subject matter with which they profess expertise, they must be acquainted with some of the contemporary research into these subjects.

c) Be willing to admit that you are wrong. There is no vice in admitting one is in error. It isn't humanly possible to be right all the time anyway.

The following guidelines apply to all SCF and PCF forums.

a) Using the search engine, do a quick search to check whether or not the topic has been previously discussed. If it has, join that thread.

b) If starting a new thread, pick a descriptive title. Think of the title as a reference point for focusing and refocusing discussion should it stray from the original topic.

c) Do NOT duplicate your post in more than one forum. If you want to get different perspectives on the same topic or subject, allow a thread to conclude in one section before re-introducing it into another.

d) Before submitting your post, proofread for basic grammar, punctuation and spelling. Proper writing helps to avoid ambiguity and build mutual respect. We aren't sticklers about this, but it is rather simple to check these things before posting.

e) We do not provide a medium for circular debates which have no end. The admin may end such threads by locking them. In that event, please do not start a "new" thread on the same debate.

SCF & PCF are public, open forums. The material posted by users does not reflect the thoughts and beliefs of the SCF & PCF moderators or administrators. We are not strictly responsible for displaying or removing material posted by the public on all and any of our open forums. Please exercise sound judgment BEFORE submitting your posts.

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