“We have hydrosonic missiles”

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“We have hydrosonic missiles”

Postby toucana on October 20th, 2020, 2:21 pm 


Exclusive pictures of USA’s new top secret hydrosonic missiles.

Three times within the last four days, president Trump has gone onstage at a political rally and confused the name of a new top secret US weapons system with that of an electric toothbrush.


"We have the hydrosonic missiles you used to hear about," Trump said in Ocala, Florida, last Friday. "We now have hydrosonic missiles. We have the greatest military ever."

In Muskegon, Michigan, on Saturday, Trump touted what he calls the "super duper missile." (In September, he said he calls them "super duper missiles" because that is easier to understand than "hydrosonic.")

"They go very fast. Hydrosonic," he said. "Super dupers. They go five to seven times faster than the fastest missile in the world. They go so fast you can't do anything." 

In Prescott, Arizona, on Monday, he claimed that the US is the envy of both Russia and China.

"We have hydrosonic missiles," the president said, telling a crowd that "they go seven times faster than a normal missile. We have the best hydrosonic in the world."

Trump appears to be talking about hypersonic missiles, but he keeps confusing the name with that of a kind of electric toothbrush made by Curaprox, the top hits if you Google "hydrosonic." These mistakes come as Trump has repeatedly mocked his Democratic opponent Joe Biden for various verbal slips.

In July, a senior defense official told CNN that Trump's "super duper missile" is a reference to the hypersonic glide body that the Pentagon successfully tested in March. The glide body, which will be used to develop future hypersonic weaponry, flew at around 17 times the speed of sound, which is very different from being 17 times faster than the fastest missile.
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