Dropping The Ball

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Dropping The Ball

Postby toucana on February 12th, 2021, 2:06 pm 

Security CCTV footage of VP Mike Pence being evacuated from Senate on 1/6

When the Democratic impeachment managers presented previously unseen footage of Vice President Mike Pence and members of his family being hurriedly evacuated from the Senate chamber on 6 January, there was one unnerving detail that came as a surprise even to senior officers of the US Strategic Command.


The security camera images that show Mike Pence’s party being ushered down a flight of stairs to a safer location, also clearly show a military Air Force colonel carrying a bulky black leather bag known as the football, containing the launch codes for America’s nuclear missiles.

According to an unnamed defense official, this was the first time that US Strategic Command learned just how close the football came to ending up in the hands of the mob.

To be clear, the vice president’s nuclear football is a backup, and Trump’s football was secure at the White House, and the officer carrying Pence’s football never lost control of it, and there are a ton of safeguards built in to prevent an accidental nuclear strike. In the actual-nuclear-strike department, having it close to but not in the hands of the mob was not necessarily more dangerous than having it in the hands of Donald Trump for four years.

That said, there were other dangers, the Arms Control Association’s Kingston Reif told CNN: “The risk associated with the insurrectionists getting their hands on Pence's football wasn't that they could have initiated an unauthorized launch. But had they stolen the football and acquired its contents, which include pre-planned nuclear strike options, they could have shared the contents with the world.”

The malicious and utterly reckless stupidity of Trump in putting the security detail of his own VP in such danger is only compounded by the realisation that America’s top secret doomsday codes and protocols could have wound up being paraded around the ruins of Congress and shared online by rioters - some of whom are already on record as having stolen Nancy Pelosi’s laptop which they apparently planned to sell to the Russians.

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Re: Dropping The Ball

Postby charon on February 12th, 2021, 4:17 pm 

https://news.sky.com/video/upside-down- ... t-12216363

Everything in America's upside down at the moment!
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