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Postby doogles on July 21st, 2020, 4:29 pm 

Yes BurtJ, I can see also see that pattern clearly.

You have used the numbers of significant digits in each block or wedge quite accurately (3, 2 and 1), but I think that in order to come up with a formula, you would have to use the actual digits required to reach 10+ ( in this case 6, 5 and 4), and then to arrive at 18, 18, 5 and 36.

Up till 1996 when I retired, I used SAS statistical systems virtually every day in assisting up to 4 or 5 postgraduate candidates at a time with their statistics and graphics. I may have been able to do the transformations then, but I've gone rusty over the last 24 years. I'm now a feather duster in this field.

By the way, and it's off topic, yet more in the line of where my thinking is these days, my introspection reveals that I serially-image constantly at a subliminal level when I'm awake. Thinking about that 3-dimensional diagram is just one case. I've been able to trace back up to seven scenarios in trains of thought that have flitted through my mind. I've noticed that if one of these serial scenarios relates to something in my present world of awareness, eg your 3-dimensional graphic, it becomes a 'thought' at the moment. It never just pops out of nowhere like a light-flash; it's the latest one in a train of images that happens to relate to a current event.
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